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  YOYO Music Artist   ISAIAH

YOYO Music Artist ISAIAH


In the past two years, the talented teen has transformed from a small town singer with big dreams, to one of Australia’s most successful artists. Along the way he’s won The X Factor, was signed to Sony Music, released a debut single that charted all over the world notching up over 140 million international streams, he supported the incredible Jessica Mauboy on her Australian tour and represented Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 finishing in the top 10 and was viewed by over 250 Million People.  All that at just 17 years of age.

After winning The X Factor in 2016, Isaiah buckled down and released his debut album, anchored by lead single, ‘It’s Gotta Be You.’ The song quickly found an international audience, with ‘It’s Gotta Be You’ now racking up more than 130 million streams, going double platinum in Sweden, gold in Norway and Australia. There’s no denying that Isaiah is on fire.



Natalie Ong, is on her way to stardom and being known as The New Voice of South East Asia. With proud Singaporean heritage, this petite pop princess can belt ballads like the best. Born in Singapore, Natalie's parents migrated to Australia when she was just 2 years old. 

Having recently appeared on the 7th Season of The X Factor Australia, Natalie Ong wowed the audience and surprised the judges with her incredible vocal ability. Her audition performance of Christina Aguilera's "The Voice Within" has already been viewed over 800,000 times on Facebook with combined views of over 2+ million across the platforms.





With her breath-taking performances on Australian Television, Natalie Ong created a stir in Asia not seen before. Featured across all platforms of Singaporean media including The Straits Times, it is fair to say that Singapore is screaming for Natalie! Proud to be a role model for young girls Natalie exudes a maturity beyond her years and a natural likability.

Her aim is to stay true to her heritage whilst inspiring other young people to dream big and to follow their dreams.



“I’m proud to have been there from the start and to see her career take off. After having worked with this incredibly talented young lady I can only wish her all the best in her solo career." ~ André Rieu


Mirusia has spent 10 years performing as the Star Soprano of André Rieu and is one of the most celebrated voices in the world.

She has performed in front of country leaders, royalty and sung live to many millions of fans across every continent. Mirusia is celebrated for the vocal clarity, dexterity and exquisite tone she brings to the world stage.  After Performing stadium sized concerts with André Rieu, Mirusia has become a house hold name. Mirusia has a large world wide fan base who are now supporting her solo career. 

Mirusia’s solo show is beautifully presented with orchestra, delivering stunning renditions of the classics and some of Mirusia’s much loved original pieces. So far Mirusia has completed tours of Netherlands and Australia with sell-out out shows, and number 1 charting albums, DVD's and singles.