Fast Track Talent is the largest grass roots Talent Program in Australia. Fast Track is a highly successful community event model providing people in the performing arts with a vibrant platform to showcase their art within the community.  Fast Track is a fully produced show similar to a mini 'X Factor' that comes to your community (council, shopping centre or company as a team building event) with judges, prizes, sponsors, branding and an event team who run an amazing show. Just imagine having more than 70 acts (or 150+ Performers) promoting their involvement in your event to your own community... Welcome to Fast Track!

The Fast Track Talent Program has featured thousands of performers in music, dance, comedy and magic. Fast Track directors are on the search for the best talent from around Australia. Isaiah Firebrace (as featured on X Factor 2016 and Australia's 2017 Representative at Eurovision!) was discovered through Fast Track by its directors in Euroa, Vic.

Get in touch and explore how to bring the Fast Track Team to your community!  We have countless video testimonials from mayors across Australia speaking about the programs success (see videos below).

Fast Track is endorsed by Bruce Woodley from the Seekers who also composed the song ‘I Am Australian’. “The Fast Track Talent Program is a wonderful platform for Australian communities to celebrate the performing arts”. Bruce Woodley AO.



      Fast Track Talent attracts performers from each local area to include (but not limited to) singers, bands, classical instrumentalists, dancers and dance troops, actors, comedians, music producers and more.

      Performers bring family and friends to each event which results in excellent attendances (ticket sales) and community involvement.  

      Recoup event costs through ticket sales and local sponsorships. Obtaining local dollar and in-kind sponsors for the show is achieved with a trusted showcase platform.

      A respected entertainment industry panel to judge the day including scouts for the major TV shows.

      Amazing Prizes awarded at the end of the day for the best performances including instruments courtesy of our sponsors Yamaha Music Australia, as well as trophies and cash prizes. 

      Fast Track brings the best names in entertainment to your community including guest performers from pervious years of The Voice and X Factor and more.

      The Fast Track team are some of the most experienced event producers in Australia. Fast Track bring this experience with the team delivering a valuable and respected event for your community.

      Fast Track staff are trained to ensure participants feel valued, supported and encouraged always.

      Fast Track also offer workshops for the community at an extra cost.