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Yoyo Music represent some of the best emerging singers in Australia. Our team is dedicated to delivering strategic support to artists and their families, providing them with a long term path to success. Yoyo Music work closely with talent TV shows and connect grass roots talent to high exposure opportunities. Most importantly Yoyo Music provide guidance to artists after the shows, helping to create sustainable futures in the music business. 


Isaiah Firebrace has arrived. Hailing from Moama on the NSW/VIC border, this inspirational indigenous artist has taken Australia by storm.  Against all the odds Isaiah won X Factor 2016 on his 17th birthday. The following day his debut single hit No. 1 on the Australian single charts and has recently surpassed 60 Million streams on Spotify.  Isaiah has worked so hard to make this dream come true. He is an inspiration to Australia and indigenous people across the country. 

First spotted at the Fast Track Singing Competition in Melbourne, Isaiah Firebrace then went on to sign with Yoyo Music and follow his path to success! Isaiah brings his live show to a world audience in 2017, having been chosen to represent Australia at Eurovision in Kiev.

Isaiah is available for live performances and public appearances exclusively through Yoyo Music. 

Official Website: www.isaiahofficial.com 

"A once in a generation voice" (Bruce Woodley AO - Founding member of The Seekers and co-writer of "I Am Australian")


What do you say when a powerhouse singer takes your breath away?

At just 16 years of age, Natalie Ong, is on her way to stardom and being known as The New Voice of Australia. With Singaporean heritage this petite, pop princess can belt ballads like the best. Natalie appeared on the 7th Season of The X Factor Australia and has already wowed international audiences and surprised the judges with her incredible vocal ability. 

Natalie continues to perform at high profile events throughout Asia and is due to release her first original material to radio later in 2017.

Natalie is available for live performances and public appearances exclusively through Yoyo Music. 

Official Website: www.natalieongmusic.com


Everything about Zebulen Howell is as wonderful as his name.

Starting with his story telling ability through his original songwriting, to his unique vocal tones, fashion sensibilities and his piercing green eyes.  Zebulen was put on this planet to make a difference. To bring people together through the communication of his own journey in music, fashion and lifestyle.

Zebulen was born gay. For man years Zebulen denied this big part of his life whilst growing up on the Gold Coast. Zebulen moved to Melbourne to find himself in his later teen years, and he believes that this gave him the confidence to live his true authentic life. Melbourne’s art and lifestyle culture supported Zebulen in coming out and delivering the life that Zebulen is proud to live today.

 Zebulen’s story is best described in his first ever original music release ‘Little Boy.’ A poignant and moving reflection on his ‘coming out.’ Nothing can describe or capture this process better than this beautiful song.

Having just starred on the 07th Season of X Factor Australia, Zebulen received stunning repsonses from the judges and an ‘on point’ response from Adam Lambert who noted Zebulen represents the current movement by young people all over the world to ‘be themselves’. The X Factor journey has seen Zebulen connect with like minded people all over Australia. He is so excited to be able to connect with people and hear their stories and experiences in a world where unity and equality is all that Zebulen and his fan base strive for.

After the X Factor journey Zebulen plans to make a difference. By sharing his life and being part of others. The process will involve releasing art in all its forms including music and performing to thousands of people, fashion, and delivering a weekly blog through his website.  Stay tuned for music releases and live performances from Zebulen over coming months. This little boy is sure to change the world. 

Zebulen is available for live performances and public appearances exclusively through Yoyo Music. 

Official Website: www.zebulenhowell.com